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not that you all aren’t beautiful enough! you’re all already perfect. but your noms should have some healthy things so your insides are all beautiful too, and stay that way!!

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Hiii guys~! ^^ I’m opening a network together with my awesome friend momoirochu!♥
The network is called “Koizora” (恋空), which is a Japanese word that means “Sky of love”! ^^
We’re searching for 12 more members!
Here below is written how to join!♥
Must be following me and momoirochu
Reblog this post once! Likes don’t count!
Fill in this little form! ^^
Add our badge somewhere on your blog, here is the badge html:
And you’re done! :3
What kind of blog do you need to have to join?
Kawaii stuffs
Pink / Pastel
Deadline? / When & how are we gonna pick/announce the members?
You can join until May 9th! We’ll be picking the members on May 10th, and we’ll announce the members on that same day! We’ll pick the members partly random with and partly handpicked! ^^
What's gonna happen when you're accepted into the network?
Make a lot of new friends♥
New followers
Ask each other for help any time
Do some little cozy easy games/challenges for fun :D
Etc. etc. :3
I guess that’s all we have to say! ^^ Thank you if joining! :3♥

SUKRINA’S BLOG OF THE MONTH!Hi! Yusyus I am Sukrina! Want to be on my blog as blog of the month?
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You must be following me~Sukrina
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You must be either a japanese/kawaii/cute/pastel,/pretty/pink/ pale/anime/manga blog!
You must be an active blog!
That’s really it! But for better chances of being selected, here are bonus ways to boost your chances!
Reblog this post multiple times, I’ll see your name more, so there is more chance of me picking you!
Leave me an ask telling me why you really want to be my b.o.t.m!
Make me a fansign c:
Reblog + like my other posts (my posts are here)
I will select 6 of my favorite blogs, those who have beautiful themes, beautiful posts, beautiful personalities and are blowing up my Activity page to get noticed! ( Don’t worry, senpai will notice yew =^.^= ) I will select those 6 blogs on the 26th of April! Once I have selected those 6 blogs, I will make a poll page thingy so you will need people to vote for you! The person with the most votes at the end of this month (April) will be my blog on the month for May!Good luck, beautifuls!